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A Dynamic Document for Transportation Professionals 

Provided by the Members and Friends of the Transportation Research Board’s Travel Survey Methods Committee (ABJ40) 

Please contact the Manual’s Webmaster (Professor Lei Zhang, lei@umd.edu, Krishnan Viswanathan, kviswanathan@camsys.com) for any questions regarding this On-Line Travel Survey Manual (including access for online editing).

For Committee-related questions, please visit the Committee website: http://www.travelsurveymethods.org/.


The committee wishes to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program’s (NCHRP’s) Report 571 and its technical appendix (titled Standardized Procedures for Personal Travel Surveys, authored by Peter Stopher and teammates) and the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) 1996 Travel Survey Manual (authored by Kevin Tierney and teammates). These two documents are the basis for the great majority of content contained herein.[1]  Both the sponsoring agencies and underlying authors have granted permission to use the documents for purposes of this forum, and the Committee is indebted. 

This new on-line and editable Travel Survey Manual is the vision of Elaine Murakami, who had rallied for an update of the original Manual for several years.  Key contributors in getting the Manual to this point are Kevin Tierney and Nanda Srinivasan, who provided HTML and MS Word files of all prior-report chapters; Krishnan Viswanathan, who organized reviewer teams while providing technical expertise; Sharon O’Connor, who provided on-line access to the documents and Google editing tools; Kara Kockelman, chair of TRB’s Travel Survey Methods Committee, for managing much of the overall process; and, finally, the many members and friends of ABJ40 (hailing from around the world) who have contributed their time to review, merge, and enhance existing and new materials.

Transportation professionals across the globe look forward to the on-line edits that the travel survey community and others will provide, as the Committee seeks to keep this “living document”, and supporting documents (including example surveys and survey contracts), up to date.

Copyright Permission 

Use Permission: Some material contained here may be copyrighted, and this website does not modify any underlying copyright status.  Permission is granted to copy, distribute, display and/or modify the material included here, but only for classroom and non-commercial purposes.   Permission is given with the understanding that none of the material will be used to imply TRB or FHWA endorsement of a particular product, method, or practice. Those copying, distributing, displaying or modifying the material in this document for classroom or non-commercial uses will give appropriate acknowledgment of the source of any material.  For other uses of the material, individuals must request permission from the Committee.

Rights Contributors Grant With Respect To Their Submissions: The Committee welcomes your comments. However, if you are not prepared to have your contributions redistributed or edited, then do not submit to this site.  You grant to the Committee and any third party a license to copy, distribute, display and/or modify any submissions you provide here consistent with the terms described above.  You also certify that you prepared any contributions yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar unrestricted resource.  DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING PERMISSION. THE COMMITTEE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ANY MATERIAL DEEMED INFRINGING OR POTENTIALLY INFRINGING.    

Disclaimer:  The material displayed here is provided as a public service and is presented “AS IS” and without warranty of any kind.  The Committee neither reviews nor endorses any submissions to this site.

The Content of This Manual 

This Travel Survey Manual is divided into 25 sections or chapters, each relying on multiple editors to merge and extend existing content from Stopher et al.’s (2008) and Tierney et al.’s (1994) work, or to create wholly new content.  The chapter titles and their contributors are as follows:

1 - Introduction, by Peter Endemann, Kara Kockelman and Charlene Wilder

2 - The Generic Travel Survey Process, by Lisa Aultmann-Hall and Peter Stopher

3 - Options for Travel Surveys, by Joanne Pratt, Martin Lee-Gosselin and Shaunna Burbridge

4 - Management and Quality Control, by Laurie Wargelin and Sudeshna Sen

5 - Precision and Accuracy in Travel Surveys, by Ho-Ling Hwang, Peter Stopher and Clara Reschovsky

6 - Household Survey Methods Design and Sampling Decisions, by Kouros Mohammadian and Harry Timmermans

7 - Household Survey Organization and Contracting, by Guy Rousseau and Jimmy Armoogum

8 - Household Survey Instrument Design, by Peter Stopher, Kay Axhausen, Stacey Bricka and Eric Molin

9 - Household Survey Pretests, by Nancy McGuckin and Rob Sheldon

10 - Household Survey Implementation, by Stacey Bricka and Joanne Pratt

11 - Household Survey Coding and Geocoding, by Martin Trepanier, Elaine Murakami, Celia Boertlein and Michael Greenwald

12 - Household Survey Data Expansion and Analysis, by Steve Ruegg 

13 - Household Survey Training Approaches and Priorities, by Mark Freedman, Heather Contrino and Bhuvan Eshwar

14 - Household Survey Procedures and Measures for Further Research, by Matthew Roorda, Cristina Pronello and Casper Chorus

15 - Vehicle Intercept and External Station Surveys, by Jerry Everett, Steve Ruegg and Rob Tardiff

16 - Transit Onboard Surveys, by Guy Rousseau, Arash Mirzai, Patrick Bonnel and Ken Cervenka

17 - Commercial Vehicle Surveys, by Frank Southworth, Rob Tardif, Zachary Patterson, Chris Simek, Stephanie McVey and Matthew Roorda

18 - Workplace and Establishment Surveys, by Frank Southworth, Yongping Zhang and Joy Sharp

19 - Visitor Surveys, by Mark McCourt, Brenda Zhou and Rob Sheldon

20 - Parking Surveys, by Jesse Simon and Chris Simek

21 - Stated-Response Surveys, by Gonçalo Correia and Mark Bradleya

22 - Longitudinal Surveys, by Tomas Ruiz-Sanchez,  Elaine Murakami, Guang-Xiang Chen and Niel Kilgren

23 - GPS Surveys, by Jean Wolf, Michel Bleimer, Mark Bradley and other GeoStats managers

24 – Qualitative Methods, by Els Hannes, Davy Janssens and Geert Wets

25 – Costs and Trip Rates of Recent Household Travel Surveys, by David Hartgen and Elizabeth San Jose

26 - Using Smartphones for Travel Behavior Studies, by Elaine Murakami, Stacey Bricka, Sandra Rodriguez, Kevin Hathaway, Chris Hoffman, Stephen Lawe, Caitlin Cottrill, Roy Whitmore and Paul Kizakevich

Appendix A - Additional Resources: Example Surveys, Field Materials & RFPs

Sample RFPs - A Repository of Sample RFPs from various agencies.

The Travel Survey Methods Committee is incredibly fortunate to have such talented individuals as contributors to this Manual, and as Friends and Members of the Committee.  They have taken much time out of their busy schedules to develop to these chapters.  Of course, nothing is ever complete, particularly as the field and practice of travel survey design and implementation evolve over time.  We encourage others with survey expertise to enhance and extend these chapters, to make them of greatest use to the world at large.

[1] The 1996 FHWA Manual can be found at http://www.travelsurveymethods.org/pdfs/TravelSurveyManual.pdf in scanned format, and at ftp://ftp.camsys.com/temp/outgoing/Travel_Demand_Survey_Manual/index.htm in html format.  The 2008 NCHRP Report 571 and its technical appendix can be found at http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/nchrp/nchrp_rpt_571.pdf and http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/nchrp/nchrp_w93.pdf, respectively.

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